There's a myth that older adults don't like technology. Nonsense! Let's explore the best apps, websites, gadgets and services for dynamic older women, like us.

4 years ago

How to Control What Posts You See on Your Facebook Newsfeed

Over the past 10+ years, Facebook has grown to over two billion active monthly users. It provides a great way to stay connected with family and friends, old and new, but it also has a lot of noise that can drive you crazy.  Read More

4 years ago

4 Tips to Help You Stop Being Affected by Robocall Madness

Unwanted telemarketing calls and scams are nothing new. Yet these days it seems like they can be out of control, with your phone ringing off the hook. Not only are they annoying, but they can pose safety issues if you are not careful. Read More

4 years ago

Eyes Struggling with Small Fonts? How to Adjust Display Settings On Your Computer

Do you find yourself avoiding using technology because either your vision isn’t perfect or your eyes are fatigued at the end of the day? Do you think you’d be more likely to benefit from apps like FaceTime, Skype and text messages if you could see their buttons in a larger and/or clearer display? Read More

4 years ago

Senior Scams: When is the Tax Man Not the Tax Man?

Imagine this. You have just come home from the park with your grandkids. As your 3-year-old granddaughter plays on the floor with her toys and your 8-year-old grandson reads at the table, you receive a phone call. Read More

4 years ago

Alexa, Are You Listening? Digital Home Personal Assistants That Can Make Your Life Easier

Speakers with voice-controlled assistants – like Alexa and Google Home are all the rage. Sales numbers for the Echo family and the Google Home devices are not released by Amazon or Google. Read More

4 years ago

Relieve Travel Stress with This Technology Checklist

We take vacations to relax, get away from our everyday stress and reconnect with friends and loved ones. But sometimes the planning and prep for a vacation can feel like more work than it’s worth. Read More

4 years ago

Senior Scams: How Online Thieves Can Steal Your Credit Card Information

Do you avoid online shopping to avoid identity theft? Do you feel safer shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar stores than you do online?

Read More
4 years ago

6 Ways to Avoid Senior Scams and Frauds

In the U.S., victims of elder financial abuse can lose a cumulative sum of about $3 billion a year, according to Bob Blancato, head of the Elder Justice Coalition and expert in the Caregiver Smile Summit.

And guess what? That is a low estimate. Another study reveals up to $36 billion in losses. As the population of aging people grows so do fraud and abuse. Read More

4 years ago

How Technology Can Help You Donate to Good Causes for Free

Contributing to the common good is one of the very best reasons for becoming more tech savvy. It’s even better when your use of tech helps people in need (or the planet) at no cost to you, and via a process that makes your donations automatic and effortless. Once you set up your participation, you’ll ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I do this?” Read More

4 years ago

4 Tips for Setting Up a Home Computer After Retirement

Congratulations! You’re officially retired. Just like with other areas of your life in this new phase, you’ll experience a palpable shift in digital assets. Did you have to give back a mobile phone? Hand over your laptop? Read More