There's a myth that older adults don't like technology. Nonsense! Let's explore the best apps, websites, gadgets and services for dynamic older women, like us.

3 years ago

Tech Innovations for Modern-Day Boomers: Search with Photos Using Google Lens

We all witnessed Google’s origins as a search engine back in 1998. It has since expanded into email, document, and photo storage, digital home assistants, smartphone producer, and more. Read More

3 years ago

Top 3 Tech-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Are they always the same? Are you looking to improve your knowledge of technology and its many uses? Why not update your old, same resolutions with tech-inspiration? Read More

3 years ago

Hectic Holidays? 3 Sites and Apps to Save You Time and Money This Winter

You’re running around. You’re spending money. You’re starting to feel that familiar holiday-stress, that slippery-slope feeling: not enough time, too much spending. Read More

3 years ago

OMG! A Quick Guide to Common Social Media Abbreviations. IKR?

I am a writer and speaker so, of course, I love words.

My daily crossword is a morning ritual I miss if an unusual schedule prevents it. Read More

3 years ago

Let Us Entertain You! Have You Tried Our FREE Sixty and Me Games?

Like most older women, I live a pretty active life. Despite having left my corporate career behind, I am pursuing my passions, managing my own business, helping with my grandkids and exploring the world. Read More

3 years ago

Social Media – A Boon or Bane for the 60-Plus Community?

Facebook accounts have been hacked. Facebook has been used to target the election. Facebook advertisers have your data. According to Omnicore stats, 62% of online seniors aged 65+ are on Facebook. Read More

3 years ago

Are You Being Productive or Distracted? 6 Tips for Better Smart Phone Usage in Your Mature Years

Are you a nomophob? Nomophobia (“no-mobile-phone phobia”) is a term describing the fear of being without a mobile device. In this nomophobic world we live in, we have become addicted to the distractions our phones provide. Read More

3 years ago

Still Using AOL or Yahoo? Why Boomers Should Consider Switching to Gmail

Many of us set up our email long ago. Sometimes, so long ago that what email you use is evidence of when you started using email. Read More

3 years ago

How Boomerang App Can Help You Get Control of Your Email

I have to get my oil changed, but I really hate the procedure. So, I planned ahead. I would do this detested chore in the least time possible with a minimum of psychic pain. Read More

4 years ago

How to Keep Your Treasured Digital Memories Safe… in the Cloud!

A friend wrote to me about the agony she was suffering trying to transfer all the files from her almost-dead computer to her new one. She was using flash drives and it was taking days. I wrote back to her, saying: Read More