When I first met Ariane Poole, more than 4 years ago, I knew that she had an empowering message to share with our community. Her emphasis on positive aging was refreshing and her practical makeup tips were exactly what our community had been asking for. I didn’t expect to make a new friend… but, this is exactly what happened! 

Over the years, Ariane has become an important part of my life and of the lives of the women in our community. So, today, I would like to share the story of how I first met Ariane.

But, first, I want to extend a warm welcome to all of the women who are visiting us from Evine, where Ariane just launched her products in the U.S. Welcome!

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And, now back to the story of how I met Ariane…

What the Heck Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Those were the words that went through my mind when I first sat down with professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole, to record a series of makeup for older women video tutorials.

Sitting there, with absolutely no makeup on, I felt strangely vulnerable. It was like being naked in front of a live TV audience.

The second that we started filming, everything changed. Not only is Ariane a fabulous makeup artist, but, she is also a warm and charismatic person. We ended up having SO much fun filming together!

By the end of two days, we had recorded a complete series of makeup tutorials, designed specifically for women over 60. Since not everyone has had the opportunity to watch them yet, I wanted to give you some of her best tips, in article form.

Of course, nothing beats seeing the techniques demonstrated, but, I hope that the following tips will help you to get the most from your makeup so that you can look and feel your best. Remember, it’s not about “anti-aging.” It’s about looking, and more importantly, feeling your best at any age!

Meet Professional Makeup Artist, Ariane Poole

Ariane Poole is a celebrity makeup artist. She has worked with women of all ages, helping them to discover makeup and use smart techniques to look and feel their best. She is passionately focused on positive aging, not anti-aging. Her belief is that contemporary makeup formulations and techniques can be used to highlight your best features and manage any small areas that you feel need a little enhancing!

Here are Ariane’s Top 13 Beauty Tips for Older Women

Ariane has developed these simple techniques during her years of experience and says they are perfect for us, mature women.

1. Use Primer

Primer evens out the skin and holds lighter weight foundations in place. Consider a tinted primer which gives the benefits of primer, moisturizer and foundation all in one.

2. Use Lighter Weight Foundation

Don’t use heavy cream foundations or powders that create an unnatural mask. Instead, use a lightweight luminous formulation that will create a more natural look.

3. Use a Foundation Brush

Apply foundation with a brush instead of a sponge. It will give you better coverage and longer lasting results.

4. Apply Concealer After Your Foundation

If you are a foundation user, always apply concealer after foundation rather than before. This way you can place it exactly where you need it and you’ll use less. It also looks much more natural.

5. Put Concealer in the Right Place

Apply concealer on the top of the cheekbone, not right under the eye. This allows the light to reflect back up to hide the dark circle. Look straight ahead into a mirror. Now tip your chin down and look into the mirror. This will emphasize the dark circle and help to apply concealer in the right place.

6. Go Darker with Concealer

When trying to deemphasize age spots, apply a slightly darker shade of concealer than you think you need. Remember that putting light concealer on a dark spot doesn’t work and will make it look ashy.

7. Mix Concealer Shades to Cover Pigmentation

After you have applied your favorite foundation, mix a combination of shades from the Concealer Palette to match your natural skin tone. Apply it only on the areas that need extra coverage.

Use this Trick to Shape Natural Brows

First brush your eyebrows down, draw a light line along the top of the brow line and then brush the brows up again.

8. Use a “Cream to Powder” Eye Shadow

Apply a long lasting “cream to powder” eye shadow on the lid. Do not extend color beyond the end of the eye because this can make your face look tired and accentuates jowls.

9. Choose the Right Mascara

Since we want our lashes to look full and lush, avoid lengthening and curling mascaras and choose a thickening formula.

10. Try Navy Blue Mascara

Use eyeliner and mascara in a navy blue color instead of black in order to make the eyes look whiter.

11. Use Illuminators and Highlighter Correctly

Do not use a highlighter pen as a concealer. Instead, use it on the outer and inner corners of the eyes to light up the face and make the eyes sparkle.

12. Apply Your Blush Lower

Apply cream blush with a brush and place it on the apple of the cheek. Smile to find the right spot. This placement is a lower than you might think. This technique gives emphasis to the eyes and less to wrinkles.

13. Make Your Lips Voluptuous

First, place a little highlighter above your lips. Then apply a natural color liner on the outer edge of your lip line rather than inside. This will make your lips look naturally fuller and your lipstick will stay on longer.

That’s it! 13 simple tips to improve your makeup and beauty regime. Armed with this list, you can update your technique and make the best of the new products. Have fun experimenting with makeup and achieving a natural, fresh, and positive appearance.

Bonus Tip: Smile!

I hope that you enjoyed these makeup tips for older women. As a special bonus for our Sixty and Me members, the following video is free to watch. When you are ready to take your makeup application to the next level, please check out our premium makeup tutorials series.

What did you think of Ariane’s advice? Which of her 14 makeup tips did you find most useful? What one question would you like to ask Ariane regarding how to get the most from your makeup? Please join the conversation and “like” and share this article to keep the discussion going!

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