Sheena Nancy Sarles is the passionate founder of Growing Younger Gracefully™, creator of GYG Organic Facial and Body Serums™, author of “Growing Younger Gracefully: Your Guide to Aging with Vitality, Resilience, and Pizzazz,” and a lifelong student of well-being. Please visit her at

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2 months ago

Navigating Grief in Our Bodies

As we age, we are more exposed to death, loss, grief, and mourning. We feel our losses deeply and we seek some kind of accessible comfort through our tears. Those tears form our river of grief.

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4 months ago

13+ Ways to Keep Your Aging Hands Precious, Hardworking, and Flexible

Before an infant receives her first toy, she already enjoys playing with a pair of magical and entertaining things attached to her wrists. Those are her hands. As infants we can easily put our hands in our mouth…

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5 months ago

Only Say Nice Things to Yourself in 2022!

Words and thoughts have their own energy, including self-talk. Everything you think and say affects your personal vibration and the way you feel. Gratitude is the best attitude. Now that we are over 60, it’s time to stop the negative self-talk habits…

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6 months ago

Essential Oils for Glowing Face: What’s in a Formula?

The seasons are changing and, for those of us entering the colder climates, this is a time to assess the best products for our particular skin. Essential oils offer a variety of topical applications to meet your needs. The first consideration…

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7 months ago

Navigating Your Grief: Your Throat Chakra – Sound, Creativity, and Communication

We all have grief on some level at this stage of our lives. As we navigate the difficult, sad, and challenging journey of grief, Yoga for Living with Loss offers the perspective of how our chakras are both impacted and can relieve physical, emotional, spiritual…

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9 months ago

The Importance of Rituals: For Comfort in Grief and Every Day

Rituals are actions that symbolically connect us to something that is meaningful. They can be comforting and can help us express feelings, bring about a sense of closure, or keep an important part of the past alive. Rituals mark time as well as create time…

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10 months ago

13 Happiness Practices You Can Start Right NOW and Enjoy Brighter Days as a Mature Woman!

How do we cultivate our happiness? Does happiness can just happen, or can we make it so? As we age, we realize that happiness is more of a choice than a random occurrence. Try incorporating some of these happiness practices into your life every day…

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11 months ago

Mastering Resilience as We Age: 7 Mindful Tools to Help Us Conquer the Tough Times

Does aging enhance or diminish our resilience? The dictionary definition of resilience goes something like this: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness; the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape…

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12 months ago

Your Third Chakra and Aging: Manipura and Growing Younger Gracefully

The seven Chakras provide us with a wonderful road map for how to age gracefully. Each chakra is reflective of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. We can shift what might be out of alignment with breath, presence, awareness…

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1 year ago

Understanding Our Sacral Chakra to Navigate Grief

Our second chakra, Svadhisthana is our Sacral water energy center. Our tears of grief come from this chakra. Loss of our most beloved relationships and connections manifests in our Sacral Chakra. We can meet those losses with…

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