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Who is the Most Inspirational Actress Over 50?

By Margaret Manning April 26, 2015

When it comes to ageism in Hollywood, the winds of change may soon become a hurricane. Over the last few years, numerous celebrities, including Antonio Banderas and Madonna have spoken out against the evils of ageism. Of course, age discrimination is not limited to Hollywood. Far from it! But, having a few powerful voices on our side can’t hurt. Read More

New Study Shatters the Aging Stereotype of the “Grumpy Old Man”

By Margaret Manning March 23, 2015

Hollywood loves aging stereotypes. When it comes to films and TV shows, at best, older folks are portrayed as eccentric, forgetful and out of touch. At worst, they are grumpy, close-minded and just plain mean. Not much of a choice if you ask me! Read More

Was Age Discrimination the Reason this 61-Year-Old Was Kicked Out of Army?

By Margaret Manning March 19, 2015

When you think about a 61-year-old being kicked out of the Army because of his age, it’s natural to assume that he was not able to meet the physical standards of the job. In the case of Kevin Fulthorpe, who was asked to retire from his Army post at age 61, this is most definitely not the case. As reported by Wales Online, Fulthorpe meets the Army’s own standards for a physical training instructor. Read More

Is Retirement Realistic? New Savings Guide Shows that We’re Kidding Ourselves

By Margaret Manning March 17, 2015

If you believe in the traditional view of retirement, life after 65 should be filled with trips to the golf course, martinis by the pool and plenty of TV time. Setting aside the question of whether such a life would be healthy or fulfilling, it is clear that few of us will be able to afford it. Read More

Aging Stereotypes Are Causing Discrimination in the Workplace. It’s Time to Take Action!

By Margaret Manning March 11, 2015

As many boomers know, trying to keep your career moving forward after 50 can be a frustrating experience. Aging stereotypes are just part of the story, but, they are an important part.

In a recent report titled “A New Vision for Older Workers: Retain, Retrain, Recruit”, Dr. Ros Altmann goes so far as to say that, in the U.K. most women find their careers grinding to a halt at age 45. Men get another decade of career growth before reaching a plateau, but, even they find it difficult to advance after age 55. Read More