Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get more from life after 60. Let's explore the lives and stories of inspirational women who have changed the world.

6 years ago

Are Your Wrinkles All in Your Head? This Famous Philosopher Thinks So!

You might think that the hardest thing about getting older is learning to deal with other people’s changing expectations. After all, women our age are often expected to be invisible by the rest of society. In movies and on TV, older adults are treated as “cute and forgetful,” at best, to “mean and grumpy,” at worst. Read More

6 years ago

What Does Personal Growth and Transformation Mean for Women Over 60?

It can be infuriating to answer a question with a question. But if you think about the idea of personal growth and transformation as a journey that is in flux every decade of your life, it makes sense to ask one more follow up question. Or, at least, it does to me. Read More

6 years ago

At Age 86, this Ironman Triathlon Competing Nun is Shattering Aging Stereotypes

Take a second to imagine yourself as the ultimate sportswoman. As you complete the 2.4-mile leg of your latest Ironman Triathlon, the salty waves crashing over your head, your body starts to setting into a comfortable rhythm… well, at least as “comfortable” as someone can be when they know that they still have a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.22 mile run ahead! Read More

6 years ago

10 Ways to Express Your True Self After 60

You are remarkable!

I see it. Others see it. But sometimes the only person that doesn’t see it is YOU.

She’s there, your remarkable self, right under the surface. She is waiting to be exposed and pulled out of that dark safe corner she’s been hiding in all of these years. Read More

6 years ago

At 70, Diane Keaton Isn’t Afraid to Speak Her Mind… We Shouldn’t Be Either!

It always makes me angry that society expects older women to be invisible. It’s almost as if, once we reach our 60th birthday, we are expected to retire from life, throw out any clothes that aren’t navy blue or black and start playing bingo. What nonsense!

Well, if there is a “rule” that women our age should be “seen and not heard,” Diane Keaton certainly didn’t get the memo. Read More

6 years ago

63-Year-Old Punk-Pop Star Cyndi Lauper Supports Feminism

A little more than three decades ago, singer Cyndi Lauper told us that girls just want to have fun. Today, at age 63, Lauper is teaching us that mature women can still have a good time. Read More

6 years ago

Marathon Runner Joy Johnson Proves It’s Never Too Late to Start Something New

She was born on Christmas Day 1926. On November 3, 2013 Joy Johnson crossed the finish line of the NYC marathon. It was the 25th time that she ran this marathon, holding the record of being the oldest woman to ever complete it. She was 86 years old. Read More

6 years ago

Every Day is An Opportunity to Reinvent Yourself

If you think about it, life is all about movement. Rocks don’t move by themselves. Trees barely move. Animals move, although they tend to be directed by instinct more than conscious thought. Only humans, so far as we know, have the ability to plan complex actions. Simply put, we are the only species on this planet that can reinvent itself. Read More

6 years ago

No Matter How Old You Are, You Are the Perfect Age!

On the whole, people are terrible at embracing their current age. Maybe it has something to do with the constant advertising that we are exposed to or the social pressure that surrounds us. Read More

6 years ago

Susan Sarandon Wants Men to Get in Touch with Their Feminist Side

It’s easy to see the history of the women’s movement as a struggle of “men vs. women.”

Indeed, if you went back to the early days of our fight for equality, this is almost certainly how it felt. Before women could vote, many men felt genuinely threatened by the idea of a politically active female population. For much of the last century, many people still believed that there were certain jobs that were “not appropriate” for women. Read More