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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning isn't just about saving money. It's also about making sure that you have the skills, passive income and passions to get the most from life after retirement.

5 years ago

Afraid of Running Out of Cash After Retirement? We Have a Solution!

For many older women already or soon-to-be retired, money is an ongoing concern. Are the golden years you’ve long anticipated becoming tarnished with financial worries?

In today’s video discussion, investing expert and PBS Money Track host Pam Krueger shares three practical tips on how to tackle our fears head-on. If you’re ready to control your money worries instead of letting them control you, read on! Read More

5 years ago

5 Reasons You Need an End of Life Plan (#3 Can Catch You Out!)

Do you need to be convinced that an end of life plan is a good idea for women over 60? In today’s video, Jane Duncan Rogers, the founder of the nonprofit organization Before I Go Solutions, is here to do just that! Keep reading to learn her five reasons why a good end of life plan can make your final years so much easier on you and those who care about you! Read More

5 years ago

Is Paying Your Mortgage Off Before Retirement a Good Idea?

The day we close on a new house, we start looking forward to our final payment. Over the years our savings build up and retirement is in the not-so-distant future. It seems like the perfect time to pay off our mortgage and live debt-free, but is this a good idea? Join us in discussion with financial expert Pam Krueger who explains why this decision may or may not be to your advantage. Enjoy the show! Read More

5 years ago

Thinking of Downsizing? Here Are Some Tips to Sell Your Home Fast!

The well-dressed home sells fast and for top dollar.

The emergence of staging and makeover services around the country is dictating a need that has been crying out to be met. Read More

5 years ago

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement or Invest? An Expert Weighs In!

A mortgage can really weigh us down – or can it? As we come close to retirement, what is the best approach to take where our house is concerned? Join us in discussion with financial expert Pam Krueger who has some important tips to share. Enjoy the show! Read More

5 years ago

Older Women Living Independently in a Community? Senior Co-Housing Options You Need to Know

One of the topics that endlessly fascinates me is how solo women of “a certain age’” are going to live healthy and happy lives in retirement.

Many single women prefer solitude and want to live alone. Others crave living with a crowd of like-minded people of all ages. They want dogs, cats, kids… the whole human experience! Read More

5 years ago

Is it Best to Wait as Long as Possible for Social Security? Not Necessarily!

Are you searching for that magic moment that will give you the most from Social Security? How do you find it? Where will you look? Read More

5 years ago

Revealing Retirement Plans to Management: Should You Be Paranoid?

Should you reveal your retirement plans to management? Perhaps. However, before you do so, there are pros, cons, and sometimes serious ramifications to be considered. Read More

5 years ago

4 Steps Any Older Woman Can Take to Create a New Monetary Self in 2019!

Science has shown us the mental and physical benefits of positive affirmations. Why not use the same techniques now and apply them to your financial life after you retire? Read More

5 years ago

Never Worry About Running Out of Money in Retirement Again! (3 Fear Breaking Tips!)

Fear of financial instability is very common among women over 60. Learn how to break the chains of fear by employing the three actionable steps proposed by financial expert Pam Krueger. Enjoy the show! Read More