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5 Decluttering Tasks That Have a Big Impact!

By Lesley Spellman October 19, 2021

So you want to declutter but are inundated with stuff and need to create some space. Working through your home methodically and systematically is the goal but sometimes you just need to make a dent in your clutter… quickly!

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Do You Need Help Organizing Your Digital Life? 3 Tips to Declutter Your Tech After 60

By Judi Jacobs September 13, 2021

Clutter in our technology is not that different from the clutter we maintain in our home. The more unorganized we get, the more overwhelmed we are, and the more ineffective technology becomes to us. It doesn’t take long for our devices to be stuffed…

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How to Declutter Your Home, 20-Minutes at a Time

By Karen Kingston June 06, 2021

We all know the old saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the same principle can be applied to clutter clearing too. The trick is to begin small and take it a step at a time. Begin by choosing a small area that contains things you…

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Decluttering the Room of Doom? How to Tackle Your Attic/Loft

By Lesley Spellman April 16, 2021

Do you dread trying to find something in your loft or attic space? When people are embarking on a declutter, trust me, the bottom of the list is always the loft or attic. Or shall we call it the Room of Doom? It’s filled with all that random stuff that just doesn’t have a home…

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Start the New Year Off Right by Decluttering Your Home

By Amy Newmark January 04, 2021

Do you have too much stuff? Do you feel like your possessions own you, and not the other way around? There’s something so liberating about cleaning out those overstuffed closets, cupboards, and storage spaces! And what better time…

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5 Things to Declutter from Your Wardrobe Today!

By Lesley Spellman November 11, 2020

If your wardrobes are bursting at the seams, but you still find you have nothing to wear, you’re not alone. It’s time to get ruthless and be honest with yourself. Here are 5 things taking up valuable space in your wardrobe…

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Is There a Right Time to Declutter After You Have Lost Someone?

By Lesley Spellman October 24, 2020

When we have lost a partner, parent, child, or friend, grief overwhelms us so much that it is hard to make the simplest of decisions. For some, busying ourselves with the practical things that need to happen when a loved one has passed…

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Decluttering the Nest: Helping Your Adult Children (and You!) to Move Forward

By Karen Kingston October 14, 2020

Why is it that so many adult children use their parents’ home to store all their childhood mementos? What effect does this have on them? And how does it affect the parents who allow it? When my husband and I bought our current home…

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3 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

By Cyn Meyer September 29, 2020

If you look around your home, and don’t feel like a minimalist, you’re not alone. In fact, 54% of people are overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have, and, sadly, a staggering 78% have no idea what to do with it…

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Why You Need to “Let Go” Before You Declutter – and How to Do That

By Angela Horn April 23, 2020

With many parts of the world under quarantine, staying sane has become even more of a challenge than staying healthy. Whether you’re self-isolating solo, as part of a couple, or with your extended family, being confined to your home can take its toll…

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