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Is There a Connection Between Hearing Loss and Falls in Older Women?

By Keith Darrow October 08, 2023

Today, approximately 50 million people in the United States are suffering from hearing loss. Yet nearly 42 million (that’s nearly 80%!) of them go without treatment. Hearing loss has been listed by the Department of Health and Human Services…

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3 Ways to Practice Body Awareness and Prevent Falls (Video)

By Rachelle Ballard-Clayton August 14, 2023

We develop body awareness in all stages of life, but unfortunately, we lose some of it as we age. In our later years, being able to understand and develop this awareness of where our body is in space can help with falls prevention, hand-eye coordination…

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Pilates for Improved Balance: Preventing Falls in Adults over 50

By Christine Kirkland April 29, 2023

Here’s a scary fact: for people over 50, being unable to stand on one foot for 10 seconds is associated with a higher risk of death from ANY cause within the following decade. That’s according to the findings of a recent study published in the British Journal…

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Building Your Health Care Team Falls on You

By Debbie Hensleigh March 27, 2023

When I was first diagnosed with terminal cancer, I had the mistaken idea that I would have professionals who would help me understand what was happening and what I/we would do about it. I felt I needed someone to hold my hand and lead me along…

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How We Survive When the Sky Falls Depends on Our Character

By Barbara Floersch December 03, 2022

Those of us 60 years and older live with the sobering knowledge that sometimes the sky really does fall. There are plenty of Chicken Littles running around, frantic about a crisis at work or a broken automobile, but let’s be clear…

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The Hidden Dangers of Falls for Baby Boomers

By Lex Gonzales September 26, 2022

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among older adults, and baby boomers are at especially high risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in three adults aged 65 and over will experience a fall each year…

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The Inner Game of Preventing Falls

By Peter Keers August 06, 2022

Falls are a real risk for those of us over 60. Recently, Ivana Trump died from a fall at home. According to a 2018 Centers for Disease Control report, 35.6 million falls occurred among those 65 and older. These resulted in injuries for 8.4 million of the cases…

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Possible vs. Inevitable: The Importance of Preventing Falls… and How to Do It!

By Julia Hubbel March 08, 2022

Several weeks ago, a woman commented on an article I’d done about getting older vs. getting old. She told a story about taking a bad fall over a concrete curb, sitting there for a few moments, and then moving on…

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Falls in Older Adults Statistics

By Jessica Thomas November 23, 2020

Falls are a major problem that affects many older Americans. These falls can generate high medical costs and often result in surgeries and extended hospital stays. There are many reasons why older Americans may be more susceptible to falls compared with their younger peers. The remainder of this piece will explore some statistics related to […]

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Falls Shatter Lives After 60: A Geriatrician Shares How to Stay Safe

By Sixty and Me March 30, 2020

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as falling ungracefully to the ground. It’s one of the signs of aging that we’d like to ignore and deny but there is hope. Please join us in conversation with Dr. Leslie Kernisan, a geriatrician who shares tips…

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