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Dear Santa, Here Are the Gifts That Older Women Really Want

By Carol Marak December 13, 2023

In the spirit of the holidays, I call out to individuals 55 and over to share your wish list with Santa. Not the kind of Christmas wishes and dreams we typically hope to receive from relatives and friends…

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A New Career Path in My 60s

By Wendy Ann Hulbert October 29, 2023

The post-divorce era is no doubt a time for reflection, certainly a time of change, and likely a crossroads of where one has been, and what comes next. Sage advice is not to make any major life changing decisions for at least a year after…

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How to Maintain a Healthy Sex Life into Your 60s

By Aleece Fosnight September 18, 2023

Sex is an important part in many women’s lives and plays a key role in every romantic relationship. While there’s a preconceived notion that our sex life disappears after a certain age, that doesn’t have to be the case. Our sex life just looks different…

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Has Your Neon Faded to Neutral? Why So Many Women Are Feeling Invisible in Their Own Lives

By Kurt Smith September 12, 2023

Let’s be honest – you’ve been the one keeping things running smoothly in the lives of your family for years. You’ve been partner, parent, taxi, cook, housekeeper, the only one who can keep the calendar, and likely in charge of food procurement…

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“So, What Do You Do All Day?” Retirement Question #1

By Ardith Bowman September 12, 2023

Many retired women tell me they get asked this question. The reaction to it can be a negative one. I have heard comments like, “Well, they wouldn’t ask me that if I were still working!” One of the most common responses I hear is, “Whatever I want!”

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How Do We Transition to a New Phase of Life?

By Ardith Bowman September 06, 2023

This article focuses on the transition out of full time work. The ideas also are relevant to anyone seeing 65 as a transition into a new phase of life. Let’s begin by framing the end of a full-time career as simply a transition in a continual sequence…

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Tackling the Fear Zone of “I Can’t”

By Maureen Atkinson July 11, 2023

Have you ever had a great idea about something new you wanted to try or place you wanted to go and then immediately thought, “I can’t possibly do that.”? We are very creative with our excuses…

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Being a Midlife Woman in America Today

By Deborah Voll July 09, 2023

Being a woman in midlife in America today is a transformative journey that encompasses both positive and challenging aspects. It is a time of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. July is a great time to explore the joys and challenges…

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14 Beautiful Sundresses for Women Over 60

By Sandra Roussy June 08, 2023

I love sundresses! I can’t say it loud enough, and I can’t own enough of them. As I get older, I am noticing my taste in sundresses change. The ones that I now navigate towards are longer, offer a little more coverage, and I tend to also prefer…

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Would You Join a Book Club of Health Enthusiasts?

By Catherine Stifter June 06, 2023

Are you a book lover who enjoys reading about good ideas for living a long and healthy life? There are so many of us out here, tucked in with our books and a cup of tea or a glass of wine, all by ourselves. What if there was a place to talk…

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