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It’s a Family Affair for Rita Wilson as She Performs at Stagecoach Country Music Festival

By Sixty and Me May 08, 2019

Rita Wilson, 62, is no stranger to standing by her husband, Tom Hank’s side at the myriad of events and premieres that he attends. However, this past week, it was Hanks and the couple’s two children…

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Can Music Make Your Aging Parents Less Cranky? You Won’t Know Until You Try!

By Mary Sue Wilkinson April 16, 2019

“Am I a bad daughter?” My friend Melissa asks this question often.

Frankly, her mom is… well… difficult. And Melissa is often left wondering if she could “do better” so her mom wouldn’t be so… challenging. Read More

Magical Music: Hospice Nurse Sings Patient Back to Health

By Sixty and Me November 22, 2018

We listen to music for a variety of different reasons – for pure enjoyment, to relax and unwind, to fuel our workouts, to create a certain mood, to help with focus and productivity – the list of reasons for listening to music is seemingly endless. Read More

Caregiver Ideas: 5 Reasons to Consider Sharing Live Music with the Elderly

By Anthony Cirillo June 15, 2018

Many in the aging services professions are already aware of the power of music on healing and particularly with dementia patients. Many patients can remember and sing songs even in advanced stages, long after they’ve stopped recognizing names and faces. Read More

Stayin’ Alive: How Music May Influence Your Medical Treatment

By Dave Price June 16, 2017

When John Travolta first came strutting down a New York Street 40 years ago in the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever, the film that helped lunch the international disco craze, you can be sure his movements started a lot of female hearts pounding rapidly. Read More

Woodstock with Waves: Why Music Cruises Are a Big Hit with Baby Boomers

By Dave Price March 24, 2017

If you’re a Baby Boomer who still loves the music of your youth and also sailing the Caribbean, then music cruises may be for you! Read More

What Musical Instrument Have You Always Wanted to Learn?

By Margaret Manning February 12, 2017

One of the best things about turning 60 is that you finally have the confidence and freedom to live life on your terms.

You can wear the clothes that you feel comfortable in, without worrying what other people think. You can pursue your passions, no matter how unique or unusual. You can learn to play the drums or become a DJ. Read More

Brain Health and Music: Why I Decided to Learn to Play the Keyboard

By Cheryl Therrien January 06, 2017

I will admit that I have been thinking about my age and my brain lately. What can I do to give my brain the best chance at staying healthy through my later years? Read More

Taylor Swift at 70 (Me, Not Her): What I Learned at this Late Stage from The Eras Tour

By Rosanne Ullman May 27, 2023

The email subject line included a heart emoji – “♥Calling Taylor Swift Fans” – and offered presale access to The Eras Tour, scheduled in nearby Tampa for shortly before my 70th birthday. “Maybe this could be an early present to myself,” I thought. And was it ever…

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Lesson 10 WALTZ WEEK!

By Gaili Schoen May 24, 2023

It’s WALTZ WEEK for our Sixty and Me Piano Lessons! This week we will be playing three Waltzes on p. 39-40 in Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 1. Waltzes are pieces written in a ¾ Time Signature (which means 3 beats per measure) that are played…

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