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4 years ago

Book of the Week: We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter – The Power of Words to Change Lives

I have been in the communications field all my life. My first job in high school was managing a community for a country and western radio station, then I worked in bookstores for 8 years. Read More

4 years ago

Book of the Week: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Surviving and Thriving with Loneliness

If you have ever felt alone, lonely and disconnected from the world, you will resonate with the character in Gail Honeyman’s book, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Read More

5 years ago

The 3 Phases of Writing and Publishing Your Own Book in Retirement

“You ought to write and publish your own book.”

If you have heard this line of encouragement from friends or family, it’s not so far-fetched now that you are retired. You may feel overwhelmed with the process, but with some guidance, you can write the book you always wanted. Read More

5 years ago

Book of the Week: State of Wonder – A Jungle Adventure of Self-Discovery

State of Wonder written by Ann Patchett was recommended by so many women in our Sixty and Me community, that I had to give it a shot. Read More

5 years ago

Book of the Week: “All the Light We Cannot See” – A Wartime Story with Haunting Imagery and Complex Characters

When I started reading All the Light We Cannot See, it was hard for me to ponder the places, the characters or even pay attention to the story. For several short chapters, I was simply lost in the magic of the words. Read More

5 years ago

What Are the Best Books for 5 or 6 Year Olds? Here’s What Grandmas Have to Say

I was thinking, recently, about the books that influenced me when I was growing up. I don’t remember what I was reading – or having read to me – when I was 5, but, I do remember being obsessed with the Nancy Drew series of books when I was around 12. Read More

5 years ago

Book of the Week: “The Canterbury Sisters” – 8 Women on a Journey to Find Answers and Redemption in Their Lives

Sixty and Me is a community of women on a journey to get the most of life after 60 and to release the memories and regrets that have lingered for decades. So, it is always refreshing and intriguing to get a sneak peek into the lives of eight women doing just that. Read More

5 years ago

Book of the Week: “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” – A Story of Resilience and Love

A few months ago, I found myself without my computer. It had been rushed to the “Apple ER” for repairs and I was told it would be five working days before I’d see it again. Read More

5 years ago

My Son Has Big Plans for My Grandson’s Financial Future… and He Needs My Help

My family hasn’t done a terribly good job at generating cross-generational wealth. There was a time when I thought that my husband and I would be the ones to break our family into the world of the 1%. Then, a series of events, missteps and outright mistakes brought our financial dreams crashing down to Earth. Read More

5 years ago

The Truth About Life in a Hospice: This Book Reflects on Caring for the Dying

My mother died when I was 18. She was only 50. There were no hospices in the United States at the time. So, she died in a very sterile and clinical hospital environment. There were already a few hospices in the U.K. But, it was not until 1974 that the first home-care program for the terminally ill opened in the States…

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