Getting Older

Getting older isn't a popular concept. There are so many aging stereotypes and myths, that many of us grow up fearing our 50th or 60th birthdays. In reality, getting older can be a blessing. For starters, the older you get, the better you know yourself. In addition, you finally have the time to explore your passions. Let's explore and celebrate the aging process together!

5 years ago

Does Life Get Better with Age? Or, Does it Get Worse?

Aging has a pretty bad name. Hollywood portrays older people as forgetful, grumpy and weak. Cosmetics companies tell us that aging is something to be fought. Many companies discriminate against older employees. Read More

6 years ago

4 Surprising Ways Getting Old Ain’t What it Used to Be

Getting old sucks. If you wanted to describe how society views the aging process, these three words would probably sum it up. Read More

6 years ago

This Touching Video Will Change Your Perspective on Aging

If you consider the way that the aging process is portrayed in the media, it’s no surprise that many of us have a fear of life after 60. In reality, aging is nothing to be afraid of. As this amazing and heartwarming video shows, it can even be something to be celebrated. Read More

6 years ago

Do You Believe in “Aging Gracefully?”

Few questions spark more response from the women in the Sixty and Me community than “Are you aging gracefully?”

While some women are content to take it easy in retirement – and there is nothing wrong with this by the way – most say that the concept of aging gracefully is limiting and old-fashioned. Read More

6 years ago

Age is Just a Number! How Old Do You Really Feel?

One of the most fascinating aspects of running Sixty and Me is getting to interact with all of the fabulous women in our community. At the same time, managing a community of 100,000 women over 60 is a challenge. Why? Because everyone experiences life after 60 completely differently! Read More

6 years ago

What’s the Best Thing About Getting Older?

If you had to form your opinion about getting older, based just on what you saw in the movies, you would be terrified of every birthday. Actually, come to think of it, this is exactly what happens to most people. Read More

6 years ago

Getting Older – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A few weeks ago, I posted a video talking about some of the best things about getting older. In the video, I argued that the “less” frame that so many of us have when we reach our 60s is misplaced. Far from being a time of inevitable decline, life after 60 can be anything that we want it to be. Read More

6 years ago

Getting Older and the Search for Meaning

One of the biggest challenges that we all face as we get older is how to find new meaning in our lives. For better or for worse, our younger years are defined by the people around us. We are needed by our kids, partners, colleagues, bosses and friends. Then, in our 60s, things start to change. Our kids are doing their own thing. Our careers are slowing down – or ending all together. Read More

6 years ago

This Jamie Lee Curtis Quote About Aging is Right on the Money

Jamie Lee Curtis may have got her start in horror films, but, there is one thing that she definitely isn’t afraid of – getting older! Instead of seeing life after 60 as a time to take it easy, she is looking forward to the opportunity to make the absolute most of her life. Read More

6 years ago

Judi Dench’s Advice to Her Younger Self is Spot on!

By anyone’s standards, Judi Dench has done a lot of things “right” in her life. Not only has she followed her passions and become one of the best-loved actresses of all time, but, she is also a genuinely good person. Read More