Healthy Aging

What is the key to healthy aging? Do you have a have good genes to live to be 100? Or, will some combination of fitness, supplements, vitamins, food and medicine do the trick? Find out here.

7 years ago

4 Morning Rituals to Increase Your Health, Happiness and Wealth

How do you spend the first 30 minutes of every day? What are your morning rituals? These are simple questions, but, the answers that you give have everything to do with your health, happiness and wealth after 60.

Over the last few years, I have talked with hundreds of baby boomers. During this time, I have noticed a pattern. The ones that seem to be the most successful, at least in terms of health, happiness and wealth, are the ones who follow simple rules. Of course, not everyone has the same routine, but, here are a few of the most popular activities that the most successful people among us focus on every morning. Read More

7 years ago

Aikido for Your Elderly Parents? Harmonious Concept or Horrible Idea?

When you think about the typical Aikido student, you probably don’t picture someone in their 80s. You certainly don’t think about your elderly parents. After all, Aikido, at least the way that it is portrayed in movies, involves a lot of throwing – and just as much falling. As with any martial art, it’s easy to think of Aikido as being “too dangerous” for someone older to try. But, is this really the case? Read More

7 years ago

This 89-Year-Old Gymnast Proves that it’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

When we are children, our dreams are limited only by our imagination. But, the time we reach our 60th birthday, many of us have had our crazy ideas and wild fantasies beaten out of us by a cold, cruel world.

The good news is that life after 60 offers the possibility for a second childhood. Read More

7 years ago

What’s More Important for Healthy Aging – Genetics or Behaviors?

Reporters love to write about the “strange tricks” that people use to reach their 100th birthdays in surprisingly good health. According to this article, centenarians have credited all kinds of “secrets” to a long and healthy live, including: olive oil, friends, a good cigar, laughter, volunteering, love and scotch. Read More

7 years ago

Is Healthy Aging a Priority for You? Say “Yes” to these 9 Things

Staying healthy is one of the biggest priorities for most women over 60, including myself. We all want to experience healthy aging so that we can enjoy everything that life has to offer in the decades ahead. Read More

7 years ago

Why Older Brains Are Amazing, According to Science

If movies, TV shows and magazines are to be believed, turning 60 marks the beginning of a downward spiral towards forgetfulness, dementia and, eventually, death. From this perspective, the brain is a wonderful machine that gets rustier and rustier, until it finally breaks for good. Talk about depressing! Read More

7 years ago

How a New Exoskeleton Boot May Help Boomers Stay Active Longer

A lot has been written about how baby boomers are poised to live longer and healthier than any previous generation. In reality, while we are benefiting from higher incomes and better healthcare than our parents and grandparents, our expanding waistlines are erasing many of these gains. Read More

7 years ago

Will You Be Healthy at 100? The Odds Are Better Than You Might Think, Study Says

There’s a perception that life after 60 involves a slow, yet unavoidable, slide towards disease, dementia and, finally, death. And, being healthy at 100? Forget it! We may not say it out loud, but, this is what many of us fear in our hearts. It is certainly the way that aging is portrayed in the movies and on TV. Read More

7 years ago

Cooking Rice This Way Could Reduce the Calories by Half, Scientists Say

Have you ever joked with someone “don’t worry, I’ve taken all of the calories out” when they are reluctant to have a slice of chocolate cake? Well, scientists may not be able to make calorie-free chocolate cake (yet), but, they have discovered how to reduce the calories in a portion of rice by half. It’s a start! Read More

7 years ago

Old Folks Ain’t What They Used to Be – They’re Happier and Healthier, Study Says

If you are in your 60s, you probably don’t consider yourself “old.” In fact, I hope you never do! At the same time, many of us worry about how the aging process will impact us or our elderly parents. Will we, and the people close to us, live healthy, fulfilling lives well into our 90s?

Well, if you have concerns about aging, I have good news for you. According to a new study by several research institutions in Berlin, getting old isn’t what it used to be. Read More