Healthy Eating

There's an old saying that "you are what you eat." When it comes to healthy eating, this is definitely true. If you want to experience healthy aging, you need to make sure that you are giving your body the fuel that it needs. In this section, we'll discuss healthy recipes, nutrition for seniors and more.

8 years ago

Feeling Low Today? Why Not Give Yourself a Healthy Food Hug?

How do you respond to stress in your life? Do you go for a long walk in the park? Do you watch a funny movie? Do you reach for a large bucket of chocolate-mint ice-cream? Or, do you turn to healthy food options? Read More

9 years ago

Celebrate Your Craving – Why Dark Chocolate is Good for You

There’s nothing better than finding out that something that you love to eat is actually good for you! Over hundreds of years, chocolate has developed an image of luxury, decadence and temptation. Only recently have scientists begun to realize the amazing health benefits of some types of dark chocolate.

Unsurprisingly, women all over the world rejoiced to hear that they no longer needed to feel guilty for fulfilling their little guilty pleasure. But, as the research shows, not all chocolate is created equal.

Until recently, researchers knew that dark chocolate had health benefits, but, they didn’t know how it worked. Here are a few of the answers that they are giving about why dark chocolate is good for you. Read More

9 years ago

Green, White and Purple Too – Why Is Asparagus Good for You?

Every time I go to the market, I try to load up on fresh seasonal vegetables – especially, avocado, spinach, kale and celery, which I use to make green smoothies. Unfortunately, since we are all creatures of habit, we often walk right past the vegetables that we aren’t used to and this is definitely true in my case. So, this week, I decided to research a few vegetables that are filled with goodness that I might be missing. Right at the top of the list was asparagus. Read More

9 years ago

Exploring the Benefits of Drinking Lemon Juice – Your Local Coffee Shop Will Hate This!

Do you wake up and immediately crave a cup of coffee? Has a visit to your local Starbucks become an addictive morning ritual? Maybe it’s time to mix up your morning routine with fresh lemon juice. Don’t get me wrong, we know that know caffeine can help with memory and concentration. Read More

9 years ago

Exploring 7 Amazing Foods for Healthy Skin After 60

Like many women, I’m tired of using expensive beauty products to keep my skin looking good. So, I started looking into the best foods for healthy skin after 60. What I found was a list of foods that are not only great for your skin, but, that also may help you to live a healthy life more generally.  Read More

9 years ago

6 Healthy Foods to Help You Boost Your Immune System Naturally

When we get a bad cold or just feel run down, we often like to blame it on our immune system. It’s easy to think of our immune system as being separate from the other functions in our body. Like border guards or traffic cops, we expect our bodies’ defenses to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of what else is going on in our lives. The reality is somewhat more complicated. Read More

9 years ago

Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

I’m a tea lover. I have a particular weakness for Oolong tea, which I find calming on many levels. Perhaps because of my love affair with tea, I always viewed coffee as its evil twin. Read More

9 years ago

Are Older Women Drinking a Little Too Much?

A recent report by the UK Office for National Statistics validates concerns over the amount of alcohol being consumed by older people. It turns out that, while under-25s are still the heaviest drinkers, the retired community drinks more often. In fact, the report found that one in seven women over 65 consumes alcohol at least five days a week, compared to just one in 50 women aged from 16 to 24. Read More

9 years ago

An Excerpt from “What Are You Hungry For?” by Deepak Chopra

In his new book What Are You Hungry For? The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul bestselling author Deepak Chopra discusses how overeating is really just a symptom of a much larger problem – an inability to find true fulfillment in our lives. Since living a healthy life after 60 is a goal of many members of our Sixty and Me community, I reached out to Deepak and his team to see if they would be willing to give us a sneak peek at his new book. I am delighted to let you know that Read More

10 years ago

The Benefits of Tea – Jesse Jacobs (Video)

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show I had the pleasure of sharing my own passion for tea with Jesse Jacobs, the founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, based in San Francisco. Read More