For most of our lives, our social relationships are accidental. Then, in our 60s, we find ourselves wondering how to make friends as an adult. This is not a trivial question. Having strong social ties is good for our health and happiness. Let's explore this topic together.

6 years ago

Has Social Isolation Snuck Up on You? Here Are 6 Ways to Reconnect with People

Isolation sneaks up on ya! Has it snuck up on you too?

I had been building my business as an “Influencer” for over 35 years and this year decided to do something differently. However, disconnecting from that business network for a different focus caught me with a sideline surprise. Read More

6 years ago

Hopscotch and the Art of Making Friends as an Older Adult

Hopscotch. We played the game every day after school. We played it on the sidewalks and in the playgrounds outside the eighteen-floor brick building that was our home in Brooklyn, New York. We played as a way to hang out with each other. We were friends. We were friends because we were the same age and lived a floor from each other.

How do we hang out with our friends as adults? Read More

6 years ago

How Do Real Friends Respond to a Serious Illness? (7 Comforting Things to Say)

My friends are getting sick at an alarming rate. No doubt it goes with the aging process. We all get our share of aches and pains but some illnesses are a matter of life and death.

When your friend is diagnosed with a serious illness, what’s the best way to respond? Read More

6 years ago

How to Help a Friend Who Experienced Sexual Abuse in Childhood

Have you ever found yourself listening to a friend’s disclosure that she was sexually abused as a child? How did you handle it? What’s the best way to receive such news?

Here are some of my ideas, based on my thirty years as a trauma therapist. During that time, I helped women who had been sexually abused in childhood. Read More

6 years ago

How to Find New Friends After 60

I walked past a local restaurant on Park Street recently. Seated at one of the tables next to the window was a group of women. They were talking, laughing and enjoying themselves and their time together. It was the kind of group that you just wanted to pull up a chair, order a glass of wine and join in. Read More

6 years ago

How to Develop True Friendships in Retirement

­­I’ve moved to a new city and I don’t know anyone. Like many older women, I left my comfort zone to be near my family. When I say I didn’t know anyone in my new city, I mean I missed people with whom I shared history and a comfortable sense of belonging. Read More

6 years ago

The Benefits of Mastering the Art of Small Talk After 60

Some people are naturally good at social interaction. You see them at parties and events, surrounded by groups of other guests, talking, laughing and having fun. They move around the room, igniting small fires of goodwill. Everyone loves them. Read More

6 years ago

Practical Advice for Letting Go of Toxic Friends After 60 (Video)

Nothing will hold you back more than toxic friends. By the time we reach our 60s, you would think that we would have let go of all of the people who make us unhappy. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. Read More

6 years ago

Looking for Inexpensive Dinner Ideas? This Is the Only Secret Ingredient You Need

Before I disclose the secret ingredient, let me reveal it is not love, sociability or friendship. At least not exclusively – despite that these cherished values may encourage us to reach-out to others in the first place. Such prizes of humanity are indeed the more fulfilling results of a congenial dinner as compared to any winning kudos for pulling off a fancy gastronomic shin-dig…

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6 years ago

The Art of Maintaining Platonic Friendships as an Older Woman

No matter how old we get, women have a need to bond, nurture, listen and empathize. Read More