For most of our lives, our social relationships are accidental. Then, in our 60s, we find ourselves wondering how to make friends as an adult. This is not a trivial question. Having strong social ties is good for our health and happiness. Let's explore this topic together.

6 years ago

5 Unexpected Places to Meet New People in Retirement

There is such an abundance of free time in retirement that it is easy to feel unsure of how to restructure your day so that you can remain just as productive as you may have felt pre-retirement. Read More

6 years ago

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Social Connections After 60

The holidays, with their many gatherings and social opportunities, have passed. I still feel the warmth of many renewed connections. Some were stimulated by relatives and friends sharing information about past and upcoming trips, others by the sadness over the many health problems that we’re all facing. Read More

6 years ago

Who’s in Your Posse? How to Bring Positive Friendships into Your Life After 50

Posse: a group of people who have a common characteristic, occupation or purpose.

Post holidays is a good time to reassess who you spend your time with. Think about it as you look back at the past six weeks. Read More

6 years ago

You Are Never Too Old to Join a Book Club!

There are people who love chatting about books. Then there are others who have no desire to join a book club. Which are you?

If you believe you are the latter, please continue, gentle reader. Read More

6 years ago

4 Simple Ways to Find New Friends

Building strong friendships can be difficult at any age. But, as many women in the community have told me, finding friends is especially difficult after 50. With your kids out of the house and your work life shifting, it’s important to expand your social circle. So, today, I would like to offer 4 suggestions for finding new friends at this stage in your life. Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me! Read More

6 years ago

6 Ways to Show Your Support When a Friend Gets Sick

Lately, it seems that every week I learn more of my friends are waiting for test results or battling some debilitating illness. The older I get, the more frequently it happens. Are you encountering this? How do you help your friends and protect your own health and happiness? Read More

7 years ago

How to Move Beyond “Accidental Acquaintances” and Find True Friends After 60

Today, I want to get your opinion on something important. The question that I have is deceptively simple, but, it gets to the heart of what it means to fight loneliness after 60. What makes a true friend? Read More

7 years ago

3 Ways Blogging Can Help You to Make Friends After 60

My first few months as a blogger were filled more with the sound of crickets than critical acclaim.

When I started Sixty and Me, now a community of over 500,000 wonderful baby boomer women, I had exactly one reader – myself. Actually, that’s not entirely true. My son also checked in from time to time to give me support, but, if I’m honest, I was basically talking to myself. Read More

7 years ago

How the Golden Rule Can Help Us Build Healthy Relationships and Live Well with Others

Harriet heard the front door open and the jangle of keys. From the sounds, she recognized that it was her housemate, Mary. Mary came into the kitchen where Harriet was putting together a salad. A pot of soup simmered on the stove. Mary said, “Hi.” Read More

7 years ago

How to Get More Involved in Your Community in Your 60s or Better

What things matter to you in your community? Do you care how many shopping malls are nearby? Do you care if nightlife is around the corner to spice up your evenings? Do you care if enough bank offices populate the downtown area?
Read More