For most of our lives, our social relationships are accidental. Then, in our 60s, we find ourselves wondering how to make friends as an adult. This is not a trivial question. Having strong social ties is good for our health and happiness. Let's explore this topic together.

6 years ago

The Art of Maintaining Platonic Friendships as an Older Woman

No matter how old we get, women have a need to bond, nurture, listen and empathize. Read More

7 years ago

Are Your Fears Stopping You from Making Friends as an Adult?

Humans are hard-wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Unfortunately, when it comes to making friends as an adult, our self-protective instincts can be our worst enemies. Read More

7 years ago

The Importance of Being Your Own Best Friend After 50

Who is your best friend? If the name that just popped into your head was anything other than “I am,” you’re missing out! Ok, I know that it’s popular to say that you should “be your own best friend,” but, what does this really mean? More importantly, how can we go about building a stronger, more loving relationship with ourselves? Read More

7 years ago

Celebrate Your Sixty and Me Sisters – Together We Are Invincible!

I never had a sister. As the older sibling to two boys, my childhood was spent dodging mud pies, swinging from trees and washing dirty clothes. Ok, I’m not really complaining. I love my brothers dearly. The point that I’m making here is that I never understood the power and value of sisterhood until much later in my life. Read More

7 years ago

Filling Your Life with Positive People is a Key to Happiness After 60

So much of our life is spent trying to please other people. While some women are able to find the strength to truly be themselves at every stage in their lives, the majority of us feel compelled to care what other people think along the way.

But, regardless of how we got here, the good news is that, now that we are in our 60s, we all have the opportunity to be who we really are. Read More

7 years ago

Making Friends as an Adult – How to Look Past “Accidental” Friendships

Have you ever thought about the fact that, for most of our lives, the majority of our friends are “accidental?” When we are children, we choose our friends from among the other kids in our classes. When we join the workforce, our colleagues form the backbone of our social life. When we become parents, our life becomes an intricate dance of sports events, sleep overs camping trips and family dinners. Read More

7 years ago

“Cheers” Can Teach Us About Making Friends as an Adult

As we reach our 60s, many of us find that our social circumstances are changing. Our kids, once the center of our lives, are grown up and are pursuing their own dreams. Our careers are either winding down or changing dramatically. Many of us are dealing with a divorce or separation. As a result, many baby boomers find themselves having to make new friends again for the first time in years. Read More

7 years ago

What is Friendship? Are We Thinking About it All Wrong?

What is friendship? It’s a harder question than you think. When you think about the phrase “making friends,” what images come into your mind? Read More

7 years ago

Is Making Friends as an Adult Easier or Harder After 60?

Making friends as an adult is always difficult, but, it’s not until we reach our 50s and 60s that things really start to get interesting.

For most of our lives, our friendships follow our social context. As kids, our lives are filled with schoolmates, neighbors and teammates. As parents, we follow our kids to BBQs, sports events and school activities. When we are building our careers, our co-workers are a constant source of social contact – even if we wish that they weren’t.

Read More

7 years ago

Overcoming Loneliness is Possible if You Understand Your Social Preferences

One of the challenges when it comes to overcoming loneliness is that everyone’s idea of friendship is slightly different. In addition, each of us has a different level of comfort when it comes to social interaction. Read More