Thinking about the past is fun, but, did you know that nostalgia is also good for your brain? Find out what neuroscientists, have to say about nostalgia. Let's think about the past together!

7 years ago

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Write a Book After 60

“I am of the firm belief that everybody could write books and I never understand why they don’t.” Beryl Bainbridge

As a writing coach and author, I do understand why. The two main reasons are related: lack of confidence in what they have to say, and not knowing how to start. That is why I set aside time to write a step by step guide that would lead a first-time writer through the whole process of planning, researching, writing, publishing and selling their own book. Read More

8 years ago

Life After 60 Isn’t Perfect? No Problem – It’s Still Amazing!

Life after 60 isn’t perfect. In addition to the everyday concerns that exist in your younger years, you also have to deal with a weakening body, living on a pension and changing social roles. With all this going on, it’s easy to be discouraged. I even know women who are quite bitter about their life after 60. They look at their life and ask themselves “This is it? How, after 40 years in the workforce did it come to this?” Read More

8 years ago

Spring Cleaning Your Life – How Everyday Items Become Your Legacy

I was going through boxes of folders the other day and found some great memories: photos, my “Polyester, The Movie” smell-o-vision card, news articles that I wrote or were written about me, an old I.D. bracelet that I gave – and got back – from girls in junior high school and more. Read More

8 years ago

The Secret Ways that Childhood Books Influence Our Lives

I love books. I always have. When I was younger, books were my escape, my education and my entertainment. They allowed me to grow and learn and to slip into places to discover parts of myself that were not defined by the outside world. Read More

8 years ago

4 Ways to Use Nostalgia to Create a Healthier, Happier Life

When I interviewed developmental molecular biologist (try saying that 3 times fast) John Medina about how to keep your brain healthy after 60, he was full of useful advice. For the most part, his recommendations fell into the “things we know in our hearts that we should be doing” category – getting more exercise, improving our sleep and learning to deal with stress. Read More

8 years ago

Are You Ready to Write the Next Chapter of Your Life in Your 60s?

By the time we reach our 60s, most of us have regrets. This is a natural part of life. Some of us regret the way that a certain relationship ended. Others wish that we had stayed in closer contact with our friends or family. Still others wonder whether we should have taken a different path in our career.

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8 years ago

What Career Would You Choose if You Had it All to Do Over Again?

Ok, so, it turns out that a career doesn’t actually last a lifetime. In fact, the experts say that the average American can expect to have up to 11 jobs. Read More

9 years ago

Writing an Autobiography – 5 Tips to Help You Tell Your Fascinating Life Story

Have you ever considered writing an autobiography? If so, perhaps now is the perfect time to tell your own fascinating life story – even if only for your own enjoyment.

In a previous article we wrote about the value of women over 60 making the decision to reflect on their life experiences. We discussed how writing down your life story and memories can be one of the best ways to understand yourself and put the places and people who shaped your life in perspective. Read More

9 years ago

Why the VW Van is an Icon that Shaped the Baby Boomer Generation

Women over 60 have lived through six amazing decades. Throughout our lives, with a curious and adventurous nature, we have challenged the status quo and celebrated our independence and freedom. Many of us have had to build enormous emotional reserves to manage and survive difficult times. Read More

9 years ago

A Look Back Through The Decades That Shaped the Baby Boomer Generation

In my recent interview with Dr. John Medina, we discussed the power of nostalgia to improve brain function. Since women over 60 care deeply about keeping their brains healthy as they age, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and explore the six decades that have shaped women who are just now reaching retirement. As you read, I encourage you to take a pause after each section and try to visualize what your life was like. What are your strongest memories of each time period? Read More