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3 Tips to Help You Silence Your Inner Critic and Start Believing in Yourself

By Elise Christian October 01, 2021

Being our own worst enemy is something that we’ve all been guilty of from time to time. Perhaps you’ve put off applying for a job role because you believe you aren’t good enough. Or maybe you’ve avoided going to social events due to fear…

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How to Silence That Pesky Inner Critic in the Mirror

By Fran Braga Meininger March 17, 2021

Who is that sharp tongued harpy, and why is she in my head? I certainly didn’t invite her to join me, but she showed up around a decade ago and has overstayed her welcome for sure. I would guess most women have a version of her lurking…

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What to Do When Stepping on the Scale Unleashes Your Inner Self-Critic

By Cassie Christopher August 21, 2021

You step on the scale and the number staring back at you is higher than you wanted. For some, this can start a cycle of self-criticism and restrictive eating that can corrode self-esteem and ruin your day. Take Mary for example. She had been put on a diet…

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Get Started with Oil Painting for Beginners and Reconnect with Your Creative Side

By Malcolm Dewey October 01, 2021

So you want to start painting? I am delighted with your decision, because painting is one of the most rewarding pastimes available to us. No doubt you have some time available and want a relaxing hobby? Painting will do that for you…

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How to Age Gracefully When You Are Highly Self-Critical (Find Out if You’re a Perfectionist)

By Marie Morin August 18, 2021

According to the late Mr. Bowie, the process of graceful aging brings one to become their authentic self. Have you been your authentic self? Since we are all in this together, I’ll volunteer that I have been too concerned about the assessments of others…

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Caring for Yourself While Caring for Another: 6 Critical Self-Care Practices

By T. Kari Mitchell November 28, 2020

At some point in your life, you may be called to accept the role of caregiver for a dear friend or family member. And when you do, will you be prepared to make self-care a priority? My mom and I were very close and enjoyed a long…

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4 Ways to Release Your Inner Artist in Your 60s

By Marcia Smalley September 18, 2020

I never used to think of myself as creative. Artists are creative, and artists paint. I can’t even draw. Read More

Do You Maintain Your Inner Artist? She Can Help You Age Healthy!

By Kay Van Norman February 26, 2020

The World Health Organization recently analyzed research from over 900 global publications and concluded that engaging with the arts and culture can significantly benefit both mental and physical health…

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Are You Too Hard on Yourself? Is Love an Antidote to Self-Criticism?

By Margaret Manning July 10, 2019

The world can be a tough place. Every day, we are bombarded by other people’s emotions, needs and desires. But, if you really think about it, it is our inner world that often causes us the most pain. Why? Because we are usually our own worst critics! We know all of our “flaws” and aren’t afraid to use them in our fits of self-criticism. So, today, I’d like to break this cycle and offer you a path to positivity. Do you sometimes feel like you are too hard on yourself? Why or why not? What is one thing that you love – really LOVE – about yourself?

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My Super-Secret Recipe to Have a Blast Releasing Your Inner Artist in Your 60s

By Jan Moore October 06, 2018

Every Artist struggles with insecurity, and those of us who started making art in our 60s, suffer from it even more.

Inner self-talk often includes thoughts like: Who am I to think I can be an Artist? What if people hate my work? Can I actually make a living doing something I enjoy? Can I hide while making my work visible? Read More