Brain Health

Nothing is more important to health aging than brain health. Fortunately, there is plenty that we can do to keep our minds sharp. From brain foods to exercise, we can help you to give your brain the love it deserves.

4 years ago

Do You Have a Grumpy Old Brain? Check Out These 10 Stimulating Brain Challenges

Your brain functions by building pathways to increase the efficiency of organising your daily activities. If you were a working woman, you already have built-in pathways to meet your work obligations…

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5 years ago

Over 50? Don’t Miss This Brain Health Check List from Dr. Leslie Kernisan

Our brain is a powerful tool that we should pay attention to, especially as we get older. Join us in conversation with Dr. Leslie Kernisan who shares her check list of important brain health practices we should all know about. Enjoy the show! Read More

5 years ago

5 Secrets for Building Up Your Brain’s Plasticity in Your 60s and Beyond

Recent studies have found that you can create new neural pathways for the rest of your life!

We used to think our brain plasticity was stagnant and fixed, up until researchers like Dr. Norman Doige, a psychiatrist from the University of Toronto, helped to reveal that this isn’t the case. Read More

5 years ago

4 Ways to Be a Lifelong Learner in Your 60s

Do you think you may be too old to learn? You probably know the saying, “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Read More

5 years ago

Need One More Reason to Be Positive? it May Fight Off Dementia!

Since starting Sixty and Me, almost 5 years ago, I have noticed something interesting; the positive thinkers among us are, on average, happier, more active, stronger, more social and more engaged with the world. Read More

5 years ago

Healthy Brain Mystery: Is Canola Oil Bad for My Memory?

You might have seen the recent headlines about canola oil not being good for your memory and weight. Read More

5 years ago

4 Ways to Power Up Your Brain Health After 60

It’s always made me wonder why things we’ve been doing our entire lives seem to take on a new meaning after a certain age. Read More

6 years ago

This Neuroscientist Says Healthy Aging Is All About Embracing Your Inner Cavewoman

When you think of healthy ageing, what comes to mind? Author and psychiatrist John Ratey explores the components of healthy ageing that we all must incorporate in our lives. Enjoy the show! Read More

6 years ago

Brain Health After 60: What All Seniors Can Do to Boost Their Brain Power

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your brain healthy? Psychiatrist and author John Ratey shares amazing information about the power exercise has over the brain. Enjoy the show! Read More

6 years ago

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? Mysteries of the Aging Brain

One of the scariest anticipations of old age is what will happen to the mind. Will I develop Alzheimer’s or slip into dementia? Will I suffer brain damage from a stroke? Will I become a doddering old lady with nothing interesting to say? Read More