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Brain Health

Nothing is more important to health aging than brain health. Fortunately, there is plenty that we can do to keep our minds sharp. From brain foods to exercise, we can help you to give your brain the love it deserves.

7 years ago

The Fascinating Connection Between Crossword Puzzles and Alzheimer’s

Despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on Alzheimer’s research, we still don’t have a complete understanding of how this devastating disease works. So, it may be decades before we have an Alzheimer’s cure, if one is in the future at all. Read More

7 years ago

4 Surprising Benefits of Crossword Puzzles for Older Adults

Have you ever noticed how the simplest activities can bring you the most pleasure?

Take crossword puzzles, for example. There is something so relaxing about sitting down with a cup of steaming-hot tea to fill in the Sunday crossword puzzle in the newspaper. And, if a biscuit or two happen to escape from their tin and into your mouth, so much the better! After all, when it comes to enjoying simple pleasures, there are no rules! Read More

7 years ago

Brain Health and Music: Why I Decided to Learn to Play the Keyboard

I will admit that I have been thinking about my age and my brain lately. What can I do to give my brain the best chance at staying healthy through my later years? Read More

7 years ago

À Votre Santé! Champagne May Help with Alzheimer’s Prevention

If you pay attention to the latest news on Alzheimer’s prevention, you have probably heard plenty of stories about different substances that may or may not slow down memory loss. One recent study claimed that a compound found in Marijuana may help to remove toxic proteins from the brain. Other research has pointed to red wine as having potential benefits. Read More

7 years ago

Son Singing with Dad Shows that Alzheimer’s Doesn’t Mean the End of Laughter

It’s difficult to think about Alzheimer’s without getting a little sad.

My parents died when I was quite young, so, I haven’t experienced this horrible disease directly. That said, I have spoken with many women in the community who are caregivers for one or more parents with dementia. Their stories of struggle are simultaneously heart-breaking and inspiring. Read More

9 years ago

Don’t Take Life After 60 Too Seriously – Let’s Embrace Nonsense!

When my children were young, I used to love to read Dr. Seuss books to them. There was something about the strange characters and wonderful worlds that sent all of us into uncontrollable fits of giggling. It’s a shame that, as adults, we are expected to be so serious. It’s almost as if we forget how to appreciate the silly, nonsensical moments in life. Read More

9 years ago

Why Older Brains Are Amazing, According to Science

If movies, TV shows and magazines are to be believed, turning 60 marks the beginning of a downward spiral towards forgetfulness, dementia and, eventually, death. From this perspective, the brain is a wonderful machine that gets rustier and rustier, until it finally breaks for good. Talk about depressing! Read More

9 years ago

How Finding Your Purpose Could Protect Your Brain

As we reach 60s, baby boomers are starting to reevaluate our place in the world. This is only natural. After decades of looking after other people, many of us finally have an opportunity to take a step back and ask the “big questions.” It’s not that we are less busy. If anything, baby boomers are ramping up, not winding down. At the same time, as we get a little older, our focus is shifting.

Surviving is not enough. We want our lives to matter. Just like we did as teenagers, we are once again asking, “What’s my purpose in life?” Read More

10 years ago

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy by Becoming a Lifelong Learner

It’s never too late to learn something new. Whether you want to become an expert on a specific topic, or simply stretch your brain, online courses make the concept of lifelong learning a reality. The even better news is that most of these courses are absolutely free and you can take them day or night from anywhere in the world.  Read More

10 years ago

Can’t Remember Your Password? A Cup of Coffee Might Improve Your Memory

Having lived in Seattle for 20 years, I know what it means to be part of a city infused by “coffee culture.” In Seattle, no one honestly seems to be able to function until they have had their morning caffeine kick. You’ll see people walking the streets with disposable coffee cups almost as a fashion accessory. The original Starbucks in Pike’s Market is a bit of a shrine for tourists and normally has a long queue of customers. There are also lots of local boutique cafes with baristas celebrating coffee as an art form. Read More