Fitness Over 60

Fitness over 60 is essential to getting the most from life. Learn how to start running. Get inspired to get in the best shape of your life. This is your time. Make it count!

5 years ago

Former Tennis Pro, Chris Evert, Gives Fitness Tips *Just for Boomers*

“I’m too tired.” “I don’t have time.” “I don’t have the right equipment.” “It hurts my bones/muscles/brain.” The laundry list of excuses that all of us have for not exercising is seemingly never-ending and finding the time and motivation to stay active and fit is something that many of us struggle with. Read More

5 years ago

3 Ways to Start Exercising After 60: A Guide for Beginners

If you’re the one person on the planet who’s not on Facebook, congrats.

You’ve saved yourself from debilitating bouts of FOMO (fear of missing out) due to viewing travel photos from exotic locales, idealistic visits with perfectly well-behaved grandchildren and other fairy tale visions suitable for a Disney movie. Read More

5 years ago

Tennis as a Form of Meditation for Women Over 60

Tennis is a complicated, beautiful game where there are many skills to master – and strategies to learn. But it also acts as a mirror, illuminating our relationship with ourselves and others, and presents wonderful opportunities to practice mindfulness. Read More

5 years ago

What I Learned from Competing in the New York State Senior Tennis Games

I just returned from the New York State Senior Olympics, held about an hour from my home. I played both singles and doubles tennis. Read More

5 years ago

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Advantages of a Long Life

Being blessed with the gift of long life has its advantages: you get to watch your grandkids grow, you have the joy of more sunrises and sunsets. You may even explore hobbies you never had time for…

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5 years ago

3 Exciting Senior Games That Prove Athletic Competition is Not Just for Kids

Do you yearn for more physical activity in your life – perhaps a sport from your youth? You may have a secret passion for something you have not yet tried. We still have opportunities, so why not explore them? Read More

5 years ago

Which of These 6 Fitness Trends Is Right for You?

Finding motivation to exercise every single day can be an exercise in itself. Scheduling the time, changing into workout clothes, getting to the gym, showering… The thought alone can make you break a sweat. Read More

5 years ago

How to Give Your Body the Attention it Deserves After 60 by Finding an Exercise Program You Love

Your body is a sentient being. It isn’t just a set of clothes you wear over your mental and emotional self. Your body responds in a dynamic, continuous way to your every thought and feeling. This is confirmed in study after study. Read More

5 years ago

Want to Stay Healthy After 60? You’ve Got to Move it, Move it!

Now that you’re over 60, are you feeling stiff in the joints, have trouble bending over or have slowed down significantly? Do you spend hours sitting in a chair writing, watching TV or sitting on the couch? Read More

6 years ago

5 Tips for Continuing to Play Tennis as You Age

The older I get, the more I realize that age is no reason to stop playing sports. In fact, as the “golden years” sneak up on us (really, what are they anyway?) and the demands of family and employment lessen, we may have more time to participate. Read More