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Finding Happiness

What are the keys to finding happiness after 60? How can we learn to be more positive in the best years of our lives? For starters, we must learn to manage our expectations. We must also put a high priority on our health and social relationships. But, this is just the beginning.

6 years ago

Be Responsible… Then Go Out and Play!

I feel great that I am still learning from friends. A recent talk with one of my more responsible friends could apply to most of us over 60, so please allow me to share our exchange with you. Read More

6 years ago

6 Ways to Manage Life’s Ups and Downs After 60

As the Buddhists say, “pain and pleasure, praise and blame, loss and gain are the natural waves of being human.” Just sitting quietly in a wicker rocker in the sunshine, I am pulled up and down by text messages, phone calls and the fluctuations in my own mind. Read More

6 years ago

Be Kind to Yourself and Become Your Own Best Friend After 60

Everyone has the capacity to appreciate the simple joy of being alive. It is the delight you feel from the view of a spectacular sunset, the sound of a beautiful piece of music or the smile of a loved one. It is an experience of natural richness. Read More

7 years ago

Is Your Technology Addiction Stopping You from Finding Happiness in Life After 60

How many times a day do you check your phone? Ten times? Fifty? In today’s “always on” world, we are constantly bombarded by sounds and sights; many of which come from the devices that we choose to carry. Read More

7 years ago

3 Reasons We’re More Joyful at 60 and Beyond

A lot is being written these days about the joy we’re finding at 60 and in the decades beyond. But is this counter-intuitive? After all, our lifetime is winding down, we’re facing a lot of endings, and our next chapters are undeniably shorter than our first. Read More

7 years ago

What Babies Can Teach Us Over 60s About the Power of Smiling

Smiling contributes significantly to your happiness, health and longevity, so the research tells us.

Yeah, right, I’m thinking, when my dance teacher commands us to “Smile!” even as I am contorting my body into a completely unnatural position. If this choreography doesn’t kill me first sure, I’ll smile! Read More

7 years ago

You Must Be Present to Win: 3 Ways to Use Mindfulness to Enrich Your Life

Mindfulness is front page news. A recent TIME Magazine cover announced “The Mindful Revolution: the Science of Finding Focus in a Stressed-out, Multitasking Culture…”

Read More
7 years ago

What My Search for the Perfect Coffee Taught Me About Finding Balance

I had the chance to visit the original Starbucks on Pike Place in Seattle. It looks nothing like the chain I have come to rely upon. Yet the formula is the same. My drip coffee is filled to the brim. I have to pour out coffee to make “room.” (Yes, I’m one of those – a little coffee in my cream, please.) Read More

7 years ago

The Art of Making Lemonade from Lemons During Challenging Times

The past five years have been tough ones. My husband and I each lost a parent. We had three dogs die. I had two back surgeries and a neck surgery (one each year for three years in a row!) My dream job turned out to not be so dreamy. Believe it or not, this is not how we had it all planned! Read More

7 years ago

What’s Holding You Back from Finding Happiness After 60?

One of my favorite TV ads these days is of two ladies, grey and white haired respectively, who walk into Walgreen’s and purchase a variety of sunscreen ointments. Read More