Finding Happiness

What are the keys to finding happiness after 60? How can we learn to be more positive in the best years of our lives? For starters, we must learn to manage our expectations. We must also put a high priority on our health and social relationships. But, this is just the beginning.

6 years ago

Turning 60? It’s Time to Change Your Mindset from “I’m Not Perfect” to “I’m Good Enough”

I recently wrote an article on the secret of being fearless in your 60s. It covered the things that older women worry about.

In the comments, women shared their fears about not having enough time left, not having enough money, not being beautiful enough, not having enough talent, not feeling good enough – just not BEING enough.
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6 years ago

4 Avenues to Optimism as a Woman Over 60

Life is sweet when you are optimistic. Nothing is impossible. It’s easy street, and the best is yet to come! Facing every day with confidence, buoyancy and a positive attitude – that’s optimism, and we all wish we had it, all the time! Read More

6 years ago

5 Subtle Habits to Embrace this Year if You Want to Find Happiness

I’m on a happiness kick as 2017 begins. As intuitive and intelligent people, you know that happiness is a choice. And you undoubtedly get up every day and make a choice to be happy throughout your day.

But some days you just can’t turn on that happiness light. The button is stuck in the off mode. Read More

6 years ago

GET GLAD: Your Practical Guide to a Happier Life After 60

In this holiday season, many people find themselves happier than usual, but some do not.

Their expectations are not met because the past seems better than the present. It’s good to be reminded how to get back on track, how to get happier.

Harry Hoover’s little book, GET GLAD, is indeed a “practical guide to a happier life.” Read More

6 years ago

Hopscotch and the Art of Making Friends as an Older Adult

Hopscotch. We played the game every day after school. We played it on the sidewalks and in the playgrounds outside the eighteen-floor brick building that was our home in Brooklyn, New York. We played as a way to hang out with each other. We were friends. We were friends because we were the same age and lived a floor from each other.

How do we hang out with our friends as adults? Read More

6 years ago

The Art of Finding Wisdom and Becoming a Hero After 60

You’d think that with increasing age would come increasing misery. After all, isn’t that what TV ads and the like would have us believe?

Depression, anxiety, fear, insecurity and not to mention the worry of cognitive decline, debilitating physical changes. We are bombarded with these gloomy messages almost daily. Read More

7 years ago

7 Ways to Find Joy and Live a Happy Life After 60

This week with a heavy heart and huge appreciation I bade farewell to a very dear friend. She had been the epitome of happy thinking and contented living. Her childlike joy was spread like confetti wherever she went. Read More

7 years ago

What is a Gladlift and How Can It Make You Feel 30 Years Younger?

He is tall. 6’4”. I am short. 5’2”. As his mother, I sometimes wonder, when I look at his big feet, how he ever grew to be such a giant when he was born a preemie, 35 years ago. Read More

7 years ago

Single Over 60? Here’s How to Be Happy in a World of Couples (Video)

Are you single over 60? I am. If I’m honest, there are times when I love being without a man in my life. Without commitments, I am free to travel and world and explore my passions. Read More

7 years ago

7 Ways Having a Positive Attitude Can Improve Your Life after 60

“A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.” – Anonymous

Why do so many people have such a negative attitude when they get older? Remember the Grumpy Old Men movies. It happens to women too. Read More