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Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get more from life after 60. Let's explore the lives and stories of inspirational women who have changed the world.

6 years ago

Wondering Where to Retire? What Island Living Taught Me About What to Value in Life

I said goodbye to city life and hello to island living almost 15 years ago when I moved to a small island with a permanent population of 4,300 people, dozens of wild turkeys, a healthy deer population, mischievous racoons and a few errant peacocks. Read More

6 years ago

The 6 Things That Are on Most People’s Bucket Lists

Do you dream about skydiving some day? Or maybe climbing an imposing mountain? How about spending a month in Tahiti? Read More

6 years ago

At 95, World’s Oldest Hockey Player Has Young Firefighters Quaking in Their Skates!

There’s no denying that ice-hockey can be a tough sport. It’s not something that you would recommend to everyone. It’s definitely not a sport that you would recommend to your 95-year-old dad. Read More

6 years ago

What to Do If You Are a MAWIM or a Middle Aged Woman in Menopause

Labels can be necessary, helpful or, sometimes, just plain insulting. MAWIM is an acronym I encountered in a local travel piece, and it stands for Middle Aged Women in Menopause. I immediately cringed. But read on. Read More

6 years ago

Are You Just Existing? Here Are 5 Simple Tools to Help You Find Your Purpose After 60

The media talks a lot about the health benefits of living an active and full life. They say having a purpose in life is the key to positive aging, but are you stuck trying to find your purpose?  Read More

6 years ago

Embrace Each Stage of Your Personal Journey After 60

Last year, the magazine Allure took a courageous step forward on behalf of all women. It will no longer use the term anti-aging in its publication, thus accepting that moving through time is a natural process, to be celebrated and appreciated for its own virtues, not something to battle against.

Read More
6 years ago

6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from My 91-Year-Old Mother-in-Law

This month it will be one year since my Mother-in-Law (MIL) moved into an aged care facility. At 90-years-old, she had celebrated her 90th birthday and 70th wedding anniversary in the same week. Read More

6 years ago

Meet Naomi Wakan, An 86-Year-Old Poet Who Knows How to Thrive in Today’s Economy

When Naomi Beth Wakan wrote her book of memoirs in her 80s, she called it Some Sort of Life. I want to share her unconventional life story with you to illustrate the traits needed to succeed in today’s short-term employment ‘gig economy.’ Read More

6 years ago

8 Ways to Add Value to Your Life in the New Year

It is a common understanding that making important changes in your life reduces struggle and adds value to the quality of your living experience. Change can also help reduce stress and increase happiness. Read More

6 years ago

5 Things to Get Rid of and 5 Things to Embrace as an Older Woman in 2018

As the end of the year approaches, I begin to putter around in closets and cabinets, donating those things that I am not using. I enjoy simplicity and orderliness. But it’s not just the cabinets and drawers that deserve attention, it’s the stressful things in our psyche that we should be willing to give up. Read More