Reinventing Yourself

If you are thinking about reinventing yourself in your 60s, you are not alone. More women than ever are taking a look at their lives and deciding that they need a change. Some of us want to lose weight. Others have decided that it's time to get out there and make new friends. Whatever your goals, we're here to help.

3 years ago

Transitions Offer Opportunities for Late Bloomers – Do You Care to Explore Them?

I’m separating from the man I’ve been partners with since my 20s. The last few months have been very difficult. My living arrangements are unsettled, so my habits and routines are jumbled. Read More

4 years ago

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in 5 Easy Steps

I hate to admit it but I’m a creature of habit. Year-round, I follow the same routine: I’m up early to go to the gym for a workout, or I head outdoors for a long run. Then most of my days are spent at the computer editing or talking with clients on the phone. I’m a homebody. Other people love planning exotic vacations, taking a cruise…

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4 years ago

4 Ways to Rediscover Who You Really Are in Your 60s

Do you ever yearn to go back to the good old days when your kids were small, and you were busy, busy, busy helping them grow and enrich their lives? Unfortunately, that is not an option. Time, and children, march on. Read More

4 years ago

Healing and Reinventing Your Life After an Emotional Trauma

Whether caused by fires, floods, famines or disease, traumas cause physical and psychological injuries that need healing. This also applies to the more common emotional traumas like separation, divorce, and death in the family. Read More

4 years ago

New Year. New Disciplines and a New You!

It’s a new year, a new beginning. For a little over 40% of us, it means we’re in the midst of establishing goals for 2019. These include learning a new language, exercising more or losing a few pounds. Read More

4 years ago

Try this New Strategy to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

So, it’s the start of another new year and you know what that means – resolutions. I have an impressive history of faithfulness regarding resolutions, faithfully making and breaking them, that is.

Every January 1st, I faithfully write down my resolutions in my journal and just as faithfully break most of them before the ink has completely dried on the page. Read More

4 years ago

3 Concepts That Can Help in Reinventing Ourselves After 60

Did you ever think, “Ah, when I’m 65, I can finally do what I’ve wanted to do for so long: I can read when I want, be creative, take afternoon naps, see friends and play with my grandkids”? Read More

4 years ago

Self-Imposed Change in Your 60s: Do You Really Need It and What Are the Benefits?

On this fresh, cool, sun-dappled morning, I feel washed clean, full of clarity and determined to make some needed changes in my post-60 life.

A Spiritual Experience

This state of mind came to me through some tough work over the past 10 days. I am just emerging from a time of spiritual self-reflection as part of my religious observances, an emotionally powerful time when the core practice is to engage in harsh and unflinching self-evaluation. Read More

4 years ago

How to Feel Visible and Vibrant After 60 in 5 Easy Steps

I’ve shared the story before about how, several years ago, I hosted a small group of women – all over 60 – at my home and was shocked to discover that many of them felt that, with age, they had become ‘invisible.’ Read More

4 years ago

5 Things I Learned from Attending a 10-Day Millennial Nomad Cruise

If there was one thing I learned on my recent Nomad cruise it’s that Millennials know how to have fun. They love to take risks and engage with each other. Read More