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Is healthy aging important to you? Are you interested in losing weight after 60? Let's explore how fitness and gentle yoga for seniors can help!

9 years ago

How to Live like The Golden Girls: New Book Makes it Easy

Have you ever thought about living with roommates? If so, you are in step with a growing cadre of baby boomers who are turning to shared living as a fun, affordable housing option as they age.

A Golden Girls Home is where mature adults share a home. Maybe it’s two women sharing an apartment; maybe it’s four men and women sharing a house. Read More

9 years ago

Sleep Deprived but Staying Alive – The Importance of Sleep in Life After 60

Have you ever experienced something that sounded like a good idea… but, turned out not to be? This happened to me last week, when I joined a PhD research project on sleep and source memory at University of Texas. My boyfriend requested (more like pleading and imploring) that I join him. Read More

9 years ago

Yoga for Seniors: Addressing Common Health Concerns as We Age

While it’s true that older adults derive deeper benefits from yoga for seniors the longer they practice, you don’t have to take years of classes to reap all of yoga’s many rewards. Read More

9 years ago

Getting Fit After 50 – Impossible Goal or Worthy Cause?

Like many people, I have found out the hard way that getting fit after 50 is tough. This bothers me because I’d really like to lose a few extra pounds. It’s not that I have low self-esteem. I don’t particularly care what other people think about my body. After six decades on this planet, I’m definitely past all of that.

At the same time, there are so many reasons that I want to be in better shape. Read More

9 years ago

What Do You Do When You Feel Lonely?

As we get older, our roles and relationships change. Some of us have retired from full-time work only to find out that our familiar friends are scattered all over the world. Read More

9 years ago

4 Morning Rituals to Increase Your Health, Happiness and Wealth

How do you spend the first 30 minutes of every day? What are your morning rituals? These are simple questions, but, the answers that you give have everything to do with your health, happiness and wealth after 60.

Over the last few years, I have talked with hundreds of baby boomers. During this time, I have noticed a pattern. The ones that seem to be the most successful, at least in terms of health, happiness and wealth, are the ones who follow simple rules. Of course, not everyone has the same routine, but, here are a few of the most popular activities that the most successful people among us focus on every morning. Read More

9 years ago

Living Alone or in a Community? What’s Best After 60?

Over the last few years, more and more women have chosen to live in communities. In theory, this living situation is similar to the communes that many women were at least aware of in their 20s. In those days, women chose to live together for philosophical reasons. For example, many women found that this living session provided an outlet for their bohemian style and desire for experimentation. Read More

9 years ago

Aikido for Your Elderly Parents? Harmonious Concept or Horrible Idea?

When you think about the typical Aikido student, you probably don’t picture someone in their 80s. You certainly don’t think about your elderly parents. After all, Aikido, at least the way that it is portrayed in movies, involves a lot of throwing – and just as much falling. As with any martial art, it’s easy to think of Aikido as being “too dangerous” for someone older to try. But, is this really the case? Read More

9 years ago

Boomerly Launches to End Loneliness After 50


Boomerly, a new discovery and messaging service that helps older adults to build meaningful friendships with people who share their interests, launched today.

Zug, Switzerland, June 5, 2015 – Sixty and Me, one of the largest online communities of baby boomer women, today announced the public availability of their new online service, Boomerly, at Read More

9 years ago

5 Myths About Loneliness After 50

Loneliness is a taboo subject. In fact, most of us would rather admit to having an affair or carrying too much credit card debt than to admit that we are feeling lonely. I’m not sure why this is.

Perhaps we see loneliness as a personal failing. Or, maybe we just don’t want to be associated with the images that are connected to loneliness in the media.

The truth is that loneliness is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, everyone experiences loneliness at some point. Read More