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Does Sleep Apnea Trouble You in Your 60s? Self-Talk Can Give You the Empowerment You Seek

By Becki Cohn-Vargas August 14, 2019

I was recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. The sleep study test found I had lapses of breathing for at least 10 seconds about 35 times an hour. Shocking! Some of you probably have it too…

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4 Empowering Ways To Make Fashion Over 50 Stylish Every Time!

By Sixty and Me March 23, 2019

Looking chic and feeling fabulous is important to every woman at any age. Although tastes change over time, many of us have a unique, personal style that we proudly carry through the decades. What if you are feeling like you are in a style rut? If you are looking for techniques to reinvigorate your look, you’ll enjoy today’s video with Susan “Honey” Good! Read More

Let’s All Get Inspired by Kathleen Turner’s Empowering Life Perspective

By Sixty and Me January 30, 2019

Known for her husky voice and quick rise to fame in the 80s, Kathleen Turner, 64, has enjoyed an illustrious acting career over the years that has included memorable roles in films like Body Heat, Romancing the Stone, The War of the Roses, and Peggy Sue Got Married, among countless others. Read More

5 Ways Making Vibrant Fashion Choices After 60 Will Empower You!

By Sixty and Me October 05, 2018

Many of us fall into the habit of wearing the same style clothes for years. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Fashion after 60 can be exciting… if you let it!

Join Margaret Manning and popular blogger, Mel Kobayashi from Bag and a Beret, to see the powerful effect that wearing vibrant, beautiful clothing can have on your life! Read More

Happy 60th Birthday Maria Shriver – You Are a Wonderful Advocate for Women’s Empowerment

By Margaret Manning November 06, 2015

I have a lot of respect for Maria Shriver. She is an author, journalist and advocate for women’s empowerment. She also happens to be the ex-wife of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has been a public figure all her life. Read More

12 Creative Journaling Ideas

By Lynn Huggins-Cooper May 28, 2023

Do you keep a journal? People journal for many reasons: to organise themselves, to process ideas and reflect upon their life, to keep a record of travels and activities, or to enhance their wellbeing…

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How to Trust Men Again After Being Hurt as a Single Woman Over 60

By Lisa Copeland May 23, 2023

It really hurts when you’ve been betrayed by a man who has lied to you in some way. It betrays your trust which can leave you feeling shaken and unsure about men and your “picker of men” instincts. This can lead you to start second guessing yourself…

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Unraveling Medicare’s Home Healthcare Coverage

By James Cruz May 20, 2023

When it comes to healthcare, we all want to be in control of our own lives – but sometimes, health issues can make that seem impossible. Luckily, Medicare offers coverage for home healthcare, which can help you or your loved ones maintain independence…

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How I Took a Scary Leap into the World of Teen Girls and Glamour for a Good Cause

By Danna Walker May 19, 2023

I was looking for a volunteer opportunity in retirement, but I wanted to avoid the deep-brain work I was used to – writing, editing, teaching, and communications and social media strategy, etc. – you know, all the stuff I retired from…

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Leaving a Marriage After 60: How to Know When it’s Time to Let Go

By Martha Bodyfelt May 17, 2023

Marriages, especially ones that have lasted for decades, take work. Every day will not be a honeymoon. Arguments, compromises, and sacrifices will no doubt be daily currency. While the give and take in a relationship is normal, there are…

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