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Finding Happiness

What are the keys to finding happiness after 60? How can we learn to be more positive in the best years of our lives? For starters, we must learn to manage our expectations. We must also put a high priority on our health and social relationships. But, this is just the beginning.

5 years ago

The Magic of Shine in Our 60s, or How Comparing Ourselves to Others Can Actually Ruin Our Lives

A few years ago, in 2011, I saw Rita Moreno in her one-woman theatre piece, Rita Moreno: Life without Makeup. She was spectacular – singing, and dancing. She was in her early 80s. Read More

5 years ago

More Than Just Sparkle: How a Simple Circle Can Represent Strength, Love and Gratitude

Jewelry is weighted with meaning. I dare say, if jewelry could talk, each piece would convey the story of how their home became your personal jewelry drawer. Read More

5 years ago

Accepting Aging: Letting Go of the Younger Self That We’ve Left Behind

A friend of mine is limping into his 60s with a sense of loss. Loss of youth, energy and significance. I understand all of that and believe that most of us go through a passage where we grieve the younger life we’ve left behind. Read More

5 years ago

3 Ways to Keep Having Fun in Your 60s

Are You Havin’ Any Fun? is an old song with lyrics by Jack Yellen and music by Sammy Fain. It goes something like this: Read More

5 years ago

9 Herbs and Spices that Can Add Excitement to Your Life After 60

I recently came across a quote which stated that “aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it.” I thought about it for a while and concluded how wrong this thinking is. Read More

5 years ago

Why Forgiveness is Essential to Finding Happiness After 60

Finding happiness after 60 isn’t always easy. After all, by the time we reach our 60th birthday, most of us have experienced more than our share of hardship and disappointment. Ironically, the things that happen to us are relatively easy to deal with. Read More

5 years ago

Follow these 4 Steps to Have an Authentically Happy New Year

After a loss come sorrow, grief, anger and depression, even rage. My motto is ‘live your dreams without drama.’ Easier said than done sometimes. Read More

5 years ago

Are You Tired of Being a People-Pleaser? Learn How to Stop That Toxic Behavior Right Now!

I have read that women are conditioned (more so than men) to please others from a very early age. It is ingrained in us: if you want to be liked… you should be a pleaser. Read More

5 years ago

12 Unusual Tips Any Woman Over 60 Can Use to Chase Away the Blues

The holidays tend to be charged with lots of emotion and plenty of myths about this ‘magical’ time of year, especially for those of us in the decades beyond 60. Wandering through a mall in search of the ideal gift can be exhausting. It’s a time of high expectations that often go unfulfilled…

Read More
5 years ago

Laughter After 60: Aging Actors Are Not Afraid to Show Off Their Wrinkles

After watching the first few episodes of The Kominsky Method, the new hit on Netflix, I’ve surrendered to binge watching. I love watching the two great actors, Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, as they share their older, wrinkled faces and show us the humor in problems we might just identify with. Read More