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Our grandchildren and other family members are so important. Whether you are in a happy marriage or going through a divorce after 60, we can help! Let's talk about how to get the most from your family relationships after 60.

6 years ago

5 Tips for Reviving the Lost Art of Communication After 60

My adult children communicate by using text messages through their smart phones. I’ll receive a typical text: “Hi Mom. Can you watch the kids this afternoon?” Read More

6 years ago

My Son Has Big Plans for My Grandson’s Financial Future… and He Needs My Help

My family hasn’t done a terribly good job at generating cross-generational wealth. There was a time when I thought that my husband and I would be the ones to break our family into the world of the 1%. Then, a series of events, missteps and outright mistakes brought our financial dreams crashing down to Earth. Read More

6 years ago

Adult Children Coming Home Don’t Break these 9 Rules of Engagement!

Have you ever needed to provide temporary housing to your adult children?

Living in a full house can be a wonderful experience and also a very challenging time. I am describing a situation when your adult child and their family move in under the same roof and have different – read as unique – parenting ideas that may seem foreign to you! Read More

6 years ago

How to Write a Pet Loss Poem to Heal Your Grief

When looking for a creative and beautiful way to heal your heart after pet loss, have you considered writing a pet loss poem? Read More

6 years ago

How a “Running Away from Home Soirée” Feeds the Soul

I’ve been busy since my mother passed away three months ago. I have been re-orienting myself to a new status: A Parentless Adult. Read More

6 years ago

5 Mother’s Day Gifts to Show Grandma That You Care

Mother’s Day is with us again very soon. How did that happen? Didn’t we just do Mother’s Day? Or was it Christmas or her birthday? Read More

6 years ago

3 Fatal Financial Mistakes that Women Make During a Divorce After 60

You spend your entire life planning for the future. You look forward to your retirement and the freedom that it will bring. But what happens if you find yourself in the middle of a divorce?  Would you know how to maneuver your finances during such a difficult and emotional time? Join us in conversation with financial expert Pam Krueger who will share three fatal financial errors that many women make during a divorce. Enjoy the show! Read More

6 years ago

Feeling Bitter After a Divorce? Here Are 3 Positive Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Situation

Getting your life back after divorce can be hard, especially when you’re over 60. There are financial issues, retirement and logistics issues that leave us feeling exhausted, wondering if we’ll ever move on and feel happy. Read More

6 years ago

5 Positive Ways to Deal with Losing Family and Friends as You Age

People leave our lives all the time. There are so many reasons why they leave, and these losses do have an impact on us, whether or not people pass away, move away or a relationship brakes down. Read More

6 years ago

What Losing My Mom Taught Me About Life, Love and Devotion

Tuesday, New York City

The call came around noon on Tuesday. It was from my son, who was in Cincinnati for business and had stopped to see his grandmother.

“Mom,” my son beseeched, “you need to get to Ohio as fast as you can. Nana’s not doing well.” Read More