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How I Improved My Sleep with Meditation and Yoga Lifestyle

By Joan Craig February 10, 2024

When it comes to health and wellness, most people probably think I’ve got it all together. I am a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, personal trainer, and wellness coach. I do my best to “walk the talk” and practice what I preach. I exercise, meditate, practice yoga…

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5 Yoga-Based Poses That Will Help You Overcome Your Fear of Falling (VIDEO)

By Felicia Reid December 26, 2023

Ask a group of older adults what they’re most afraid of as they age and almost always one of them will say, ‘falling’. Falling when you’re older often has consequences. According to a US nationwide study done by Texas A&M University Health Science Center…

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7 Yoga Retreats for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy August 30, 2023

Yoga centers are dedicated to cultivating the ancient practice of yoga, providing a sanctuary where practitioners can deepen their understanding, refine their techniques, and connect with their inner selves. With experienced instructors…

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Yoga’s Not What It Used to Be

By Sheila Grinell July 06, 2023

There are two yoga books on my shelf, both with the number 50 in the title. One was a 50th birthday present from my sister, and the other was co-written by one of my favorite yoga teachers, Desiree Rumbaugh. Glancing at my bookshelf…

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Can 12 Minutes of Daily Yoga Really Increase Bone Density and Fight Osteoporosis?

By Sherry Kahn April 13, 2023

With menopause, women’s bones lose the protection of estrogen. The decrease in bone mineral density (BMD) that occurs with aging is called osteopenia when it is mild and osteoporosis when it is more severe. Approximately 200 million women…

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Give Yourself the Gift of Yoga this Holiday Season

By Joan Frances Moran December 30, 2022

It’s the holiday season. In the last several weeks, most of us were concerned with buying gifts for family and friends. But have you thought about giving yourself a gift? How many times do you give yourself an important gift in your life?

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Yoga Routine in Your 60s or Better

By Jessica Hegg July 23, 2022

Looking to take your yoga practice to the next level? The benefits of yoga and other chair exercises for seniors arrive in a multitude of ways – better flexibility, less stress, social interaction, weight management, disease prevention…

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga for Women Over 60, Based on My Own Experience

By Perley-Ann Friedman July 15, 2022

Years ago, I did yoga weekly, at a local yoga studio, but, it was such a hassle getting there in rush hour traffic. So, I started going less and less, always finding a good excuse to skip the session. About a year later I started to feel pretty crappy…

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Warning! Yoga May Release a River of Tears!

By Cindy Boatman February 12, 2022

A yoga practice can provide many benefits, but I don’t know of anyone who joined a yoga class for the purpose of triggering a “good cry.” Not all yogis experience emotional tears, but if you do, it’s ok. Yoga class and your practice should be a safe space…

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Why Laughter Yoga Is the Best Medicine for Over Sixties

By Kathy Arthurson October 29, 2021

Initially, I was skeptical about Laughter Yoga. But I soon changed my mind. Let me tell you why. I’ve long been a devotee of traditional yoga and no fan of spin-offs. There’s lots of them, Beer Yoga, Goat Yoga and Laughter Yoga, just to name a few…

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