Fitness Over 60

Fitness over 60 is essential to getting the most from life. Learn how to start running. Get inspired to get in the best shape of your life. This is your time. Make it count!

7 years ago

This 78-Year-Old Grandma Can Deadlift More Than Most 20-Year-Old Men (Video)

According to Men’s Fitness magazine, “A 200-pound guy who can deadlift 300 pounds for one rep is pretty strong.”

I wonder what they would say about a 78-year-old grandma who can deadlift 228 pounds. Maybe it’s time that they met Shirley Webb, a wonderful person who is inspiring women all over the world to get off the couch and into the gym. Read More

7 years ago

From Couch to Confidence: Athlete’s Story Shows Path to Fitness After 60

Not everyone has the same fitness level, nor the same fitness goals.

I have never considered myself an athlete. In a particular low time in my life when I was 58, I started Masters Rowing which led to a level of fitness I had never even dreamed of. Read More

8 years ago

Save Those Knees – 6 Tips for Senior Cycling

Not only is bicycling incredibly fun, but, it is generally very safe and easy on the body as well. It offers the best of both worlds by being low impact and highly aerobic. In other words, it gets your heart rate up but doesn’t wear down your body. Read More

8 years ago

Why Bikes and Retirees Are a Perfect Match

Retirees face a litany of unique challenges including staying in shape, keeping mobile, maintaining social connections and much more. While these issues could hinder someone of any age, the older we get, the more trying they can be: injuries from years ago flare up, tired bones creak and worn down joints get weary. Read More

8 years ago

What is the Best Home Exercise Equipment for Older Adults?

I used to think that staying in shape was the same at any age. Until recently, I would have laughed at the concept of exercise equipment for older adults. After all, do older adults really have different needs when it comes to exercise equipment? Now, in my mid-60s, I am not laughing anymore! Read More

8 years ago

3 Reasons Balance Exercises for Seniors Are So Important

I didn’t really understand the importance of balance exercises for seniors until I fell on a rainy evening in Paris, about 5 years ago. Read More

8 years ago

Helen Mirren Offers 3 Tips for Getting in Shape After 60

By the time we reach our age, we know that we need to get in better shape. We don’t lack knowledge. We lack motivation, discipline and energy. The good news is that getting in shape after 60 doesn’t have to be difficult. As Helen Mirren recently suggested, there are several simple steps that you can take to get in great shape at any age. Read More

8 years ago

That’s Intense! How 3 Minutes of Exercise Can Improve Your Health After 50

Quick show of hands, please: Who hates to go to the gym?

How many of you feel that the body you have now in your 50s or 60s is fixed and that there’s no chance of making a big difference anymore? Read More

8 years ago

4 Reasons Cardio is Essential for Fitness After 60

You’re not too old to do Cardio! What are you talking about?

I don’t understand why people tell me that we are too old to do cardio exercise! It boggles my mind that they think age is an opt-out ticket for quality of life. Does this mean that, at a certain age, we are to give up? Should we throw in the towel? Well not me, and I’m 61. I get so pissed off at these people. Most of them are my age and some are even younger!

Cardio is important for everyone, especially those of us who have been around for more than half a century. Here are 4 good reasons why cardio is essential for fitness after 60: Read More

8 years ago

Getting Fit After 50 – Impossible Goal or Worthy Cause?

Like many people, I have found out the hard way that getting fit after 50 is tough. This bothers me because I’d really like to lose a few extra pounds. It’s not that I have low self-esteem. I don’t particularly care what other people think about my body. After six decades on this planet, I’m definitely past all of that.

At the same time, there are so many reasons that I want to be in better shape. Read More